League of Legends

After a „win-trading” scandal in „Ultraliga” – „Iron Wolves” are back to its roots

Two „Iron Wolves” players got suspended following the „win-trading” incident in the European regional league „Ultraliga”. Since then organization has published a statement regarding the incident and now invited two legacy players from Lithuania to stand in this week.

Last week regional „League of Legends” league „Ultraliga” was struck with a scandal when during a match between „Iron Wolves” and „Team ESCA” two players representing wolves were suspected to win-trade. Following the match league decided to suspend two players: mid-laner Shuai „Odin“ Wang and jungler Wen „kylin“ Zheng and started an investigation with „Riot Games” and „Sportsradar„.

Back to its roots

Even after a difficult and „win-traded” game, because of a legendary performance by top-laner Pawel „HessZero” Karwot „WOLF” still managed to win the game against „ESCA„. After that wolves had to cope with a technical loss because they couldn’t find two new stand-ins for the suspended players. Because of that „devils.one” took the win.

This week „Iron Wolves” announced two stand-in players that will help the team this week. Junger was changed by a 23-year-old Lithuanian Liutauras „Jenxas” Macius, who represented „Method2Madness” in the second division of „Ultraliga” in 2022 and since then hasn’t been playing professionally.

Fun fact – „Jenxas” and „HessZero” were teammates in „Gentelmens Gaming” team.

Mid-laner was changed by a well-known „Iron Wolves” player and just a legacy European player Saulius „Sauliuslol” Lukošius, who was a co-owner of „Iron Wolves” until the start of this season when the team was sold to a company „Stellar Strategic„.

Saulius „Sauliuslol” Lukošius match MVP / „Ultraliga” photo

Match against „GRP Esports”

This Tuesday „WOLF” had a chance to show its new roster against neighboring team „GRP Esports„: both teams had a 2-2 score.

Iron Wolves” jumped into the game with Gnar at the top, Xin Zhao in the jungle, Azir in the mid-lane, and Kaisa and Rakan duo at the bot.
GRP Esports” countered with a Jax, Vi, Corki, Xayah, and Milio.

Even without any proper training „WOLF” was leading the game with „Sauliuslol” gaining 11 kills, 2 deaths, and 7 assists while using Shurima emperor Azir. During the post-game interview „HessZero” and „Jenxas” stated that the team only had one scrim, but as it seems – it was enough to get that win.

L. Macius stated that it was fun getting back into competitive esports, but is not sure if he will stay on the team as it’s a busy time for him and everything is pre-planned. And even though the game was won, „Jenxas” was skeptical about his performance in this league.

The next match for „Iron Wolves” is on Wednesday against league outsider „Back2TheGame” at 7 PM EET.